Из недавнего. Перевод. Nicholas Roerich

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Reprimands (Nicholas Roerich, 1908). Translated by Maryna Tchianova on 09/04/2011

Collect all the mirthful things that have been said about art, and all the objurgations. The latter will prevail immensely.
Finding the unprepossessing, thoroughly investigating it, scrutinizing it – that is what we are fond of.
Highlighting the beautiful, concentrating on it exclusively, enjoying it solely - this is not necessary. Ages have detracted greatly from our skill to focus entirely on what is vital and
We have not obtained a habit of evading with contempt everything unsightly.
Evading as exquisitely and indifferently as we daily pass by thousands of  things which we are not in need of.
Is it only for the feeling of grievance about beauty that we are used to clinging to something plain?
Isn’t there an opposite incentive for such deeds?
Some only construct. The others only clear up the mess. In the process of tackling mess they acquire a special care for it. It is not the object around which litter piles grow that is important. It is the process of cleaning itself that becomes attractive. Sometimes the building itself seems to interfere in such work.
Often when something homely is discussed, a lascivious voice emerges.
As if they are talking about something close, familiar. As if the manner of calling names contains a self-sufficient pleasure.
A secret penchant for miasmas.
Speeches about the good and the beautiful tend to be quieter and more reserved than a set of reprimands.
A tedious “ward-round” is being done. A boring duty is about to be fulfilled. The one who fulfills it is afraid of being ridiculous. He is scared of being expelled from the  
community of “true” entrepreneurs because of his speculation about beauty.
This refers to all our opinions. We are lost in admiration if the participants of a review only go on about the positive points.
Hardly ever people have courage not to concentrate on imperfections only.
What a huge number of youthful desires, magnificent ambitions and genuine words is destroyed by a penchant for discussing the imperfect! People entomb beauty intently. Nothing is preserved, the crucial time is wasted; the lifespan is forgotten, tasks are abandoned unfinished.
Is lifespan worth being spoken of?
Is each grain of beauty significant? Isn’t it all just ridiculous?
Isn’t it better to collect facts and figures about the teaching system? Or maybe to invent an apparatus for counting ranges and categories? Make up new meanings?
We lose the ability to feel art. Artists follow the solitary path. We have nothing against living the rest of our lives without admiring the beautiful.
Observe the beautiful. Forget about the imperfect. We reiterate it over and over again.
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